How to Setup a Home Bar

For every person who enjoys to party outside but spends a relaxing time inside the home, a home bar is just the perfect way to have both of that. In fact, a properly set up bar at home can be a great spot to chat with friends and family. But often people find out that they are not equipped with the proper stocks. Brought up from the culture of the 1960s, setting up a bar in your house has been a passion for most of the people.

If you have the same passion in you to enjoy liquor at your home, it is the time to set up a home bar.

Here is how you can set up your perfect home bar:


 If you are trying to set up your home bar, then alcohol is intangible. Setting up a home bar will not only keep you happy but also will lead to your guests coming again and again. A rare collection of alcohol is something that is admired in a home bar. You can also keep at least one bottle of every alcohol variants. Whiskey and Rum are must if you consume them daily. Apart from this, you can also store Scotch, Gin, Vodka, Tequila and much more!

Here is a video that explains about what kinds of drinks you should get.


It is always understandable that everyone will not forcibly prefer to consume raw alcohol. People like to drink it with a mixture. You can do this by stocking a lot of cocktails, Club Soda, Cold Drinks or even juices which can be paired up with Vodka. You have to keep it all to maintain the perfect home bar.


The role of garnishing any drink is to make it better. Fruit pales, cocktail olives are a great starter choices. So if you are looking to get the perfect bar experience, then it is the time to get some real good garnishing options. Ice, sugar or even pepper and salt are all the essential things that you need to keep with yourself to prepare all kinds of drinks.

Proper Utensils: 

It is always a true saying that to make the perfect choice of alcohol; you also need perfect glasses too. Of course, Glasses for vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Wine are all different. So if you are preparing a proper cocktail, you need to pick the perfect sized glasses even with a peg measurement.


If you have placed your bar in one corner of your home, then you can simply re-design it. You can create a wine stellar on the wall where you can easily place the alcohol and the glasses. Apart from this, you can store a fridge on the counter top to store ice, beers or even other chillers such as sodas.

Example of a home bar setting

Example of a home bar setting

There are the few essential things which you indeed need to keep if you are planning to create a home bar with the perfect stocks in your home. This post just gives the brief overview, in the future we will be sharing a lot more about each aspect, so stay tuned!

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