“Hemingway was also partial to mojitos, and evidence of this is on display at Bodeguita del Medio, a small, often raucous bar on a narrow side street. Called the Pleasant Storage Room when it opened, in 1942, it morphed from a shop selling dried beans into a hipster hangout. If Cubans had ever been inclined to sport foam trucker hats and soul patches, this is where you would have found them.”

~ “The Old Man and the Daiquiri” The Atlantic, October 2005

Pleasant Storage Room is our homage to the cultural exuberance of Golden Age Cuba and the Caribbean during the early to mid-20th century. What made this region so alluring during this time was its decidedly American influence of modernity against the backdrop of a sun­drenched paradise.

This mélange of sophistication and exoticism attracted a massive audience seeking refuge from the stark concrete jungles of the U.S. without feeling lost in a strange land. In a way, it was paradise without having to leave the comforts of home. This is what Pleasant Storage Room is trying to revive.

We are creating a space where Austin can experience this vibrant fantasy while simultaneously serving as a flagship to promote and advance the progressive cocktail culture of this city.

What’s in a Name:

Pleasant Storage Room was once the name of a popular Havana haunt for locals in the 1940s. It was the stomping grounds for those artistic souls and natives who wanted to escape the humdrum commercialization of Havana nightlife. It was later renamed La Bodeguita del Medio where Hemingway would famously say he preferred to drink his mojitos. This name was chosen because we want to reclaim the escapist ethos and build a sublime space where you can commune with friends and good people over tasty food and drinks. Simply put, a refuge within the downtown community.

What we offer:

  • Overproof Rum Punch:

    This is not your darling grandmother’s punch, but rather a kaleidoscopic marriage of old world tradition and tropical modernism. By “overproof” we mean spirituous, bold, and enriched with flavorful complexities that leave behind the dainty frills and modesty of conventional punch. It all begins with an ambrosiac Oleo Saccharum, ­­ an oily paste made by impregnating raw sugar with bitters and citrus oil ­­ to which we add various spirits, liqueurs, fortified wines, teas, and spices. This style of punch is meant to inspire a long forgotten practice of drinking for the community, to gather around the punch bowl, to share both drink and revelry.

  • Rum-­Centric Cocktails:

    Welcome to the most diverse and expansive rum selection in the Southwest. Pleasant Storage Room’s cocktail program’s focus is on rum cocktails as well as a highly curated reserve rum selection. This includes early 20th century classics, Caribbean-inspired proto­tiki drinks, and our own imaginative creations. At the end of the day, it’s our mission to serve as stewards to promote rum in all its delicious glory.

  • Caribbean Inspired Street Food:

    Walk through the streets of any Caribbean city and it’s obvious that street food is the pulse that nourishes and brings people together. Offering comforting and accessible food that represents the cultural milieu of the Caribbean is the perfect accessory to a rum soaked evening.